Edwin's Resources Project

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Assigment 1 Resource Project

Edwin Tan – Assignment 1 Resource Project

The purpose of this assignment is to develop an annotated bank of resources and tips on Being an advanced Internet User. The results of this assignment also identify a variety of websites which is related to our Module (Learning Log) and the findings is also useful for whom who wishes to advanced their knowledge or interest. Indeed I feel that a careful understand of the use of internet can increase better problem solving and better decision making which will have a better competitive advantage. In fact, in a rapidly changing environment, anyone that can makes better, faster, more innovative and more intelligent decisions may be the one that gains and retains a competitive edge in a new info centric world.

Module One
Maybe you’ve read about this great new thing called the internet and you’re interested in trying it out, but you don’t have much experience with computers and you have never used a computer network or bulletin board. This website is for those with limited computer experience and litter or no internet experience. This website will give you the knowledge you required while surfing the internet and help you overcome the problems with some particular software (Telnet, Ftp, Dns, Dss and etc) which you are not familiar with. I feel that going through this website give sequentially will give you a comprehensive introduction to the internet.

If you have access to the FTP through your work, school, or home computer but don’t know how to take advantage of it, turn to Ftp Planet. This website brilliantly illustrated, step by step instructions in how to use the Ftp wisely and how to find resources in the internet and use them. The innovative approach of Ftp Planet features a big colorful illustration on most of the sites and shows you all about, pictures of Ftp screens from live internet sessions so you can know to expect, and dozens of “Tip Sheets” offering advice and troubleshooting hints.

Module Two

One of the really great things about the internet is that it lets you almost instantly exchange electronic messages (e-mail) with friends across the hall or around the world. Indeed, there are several email programs available on internet, however mostly are commonly use with the same function. This website will show you how to use the one that is most common: Outlook express. Although this program may sound difficulty to some user to use at first, it is however easy to understand with learning on this websites as they provides many different examples with pictures and in fact provide an online video which you could watch immediately and be more understanding. In fact, I believe after watching the video and examples provided you will be more familiar with using the function inside your email account such as (cc, filters, bcc, attachment, forward and others).

So far, you’ve learned how to communicate with others by sending electronic mail – either to individual or to mailing lists- but there are other ways to meet people and share information on the internet. One of the major ways is through Usenet Newsgroup. This website is a description of Usenet Newsgroup. This website will introduce Usenet and explains how to read messages posted to newsgroup of interest and how to post your questions as well as your answers to the question’s of others. The information provided by this website is very useful. If you’re going to be part of the Usenet, please take some time to read the introductory documents this website provides.

Meebo is a web program that allows you to interact with people online by using your own email account such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Google, Aim and others without install any software on your computer. The advantage of this software is that we will able to boost the speed of our computer without having to install so many different kinds of software, in fact by using this software we are also able to save the spaces in our computer. Another advantage of this software is that, this software support many different kind of language that you don’t have to worry that you won’t on your system. Finally, I personally believed that this software is very useful and is worth well this have a try.

Module 3
Copyrights and intellectual Property
The Berkman Center is a research program founded to explore cyberspace, share in its study, and help pioneer its development. Intellectual property issues on the internet are among the program’s main topics of interest. The website offers a wealth of paper’s and news stories on the internet piracy, copyright, and internet regulation issues.

This Websites is critical for anyone interested in what the internet rely signifies for people.

This websites provides the information you need to understand about basic html in order to design a simple webpage on the internet. The website mentions here provide better understanding on html codes and writing html in greater depth than is possible in other website. The websites also use many different examples to illustrate to beginners on how they can design their own website effectively.

However, even with the resources provided on this websites, sometimes you may still have some difficulty in designing the website on the way you like you like. Do not discouraged and do not stop trying, the amazing thing about designing own websites is that you need to read more so that you will be more understanding on the coding, try more times to overcomes the mistakes and explorer different websites to gain more knowledge
Google Blogger
This is a popular and free blog website by Google which I think is very useful and I personally is using it at this moment. I find it so convenient to use it and maintain that everything is already well design by just choosing from the templates and the sample provided. You can also create your own template if you would want to. I would recommend this blog website to any whishing to find a new blog as it is so fun and easy to use it.

Module 4
How Stuff works
This website also discusses how to get around on the Web, how to find stuff (which is not as easy as it should be), how to shop online on the Web, and how to add your homepage to the web. In it also works like Wikipedia (Online encyclopedia) where you can find further details about particular software, hardware, broadband or anything which you are not familiar. In fact, they will show it with examples on how thing’s actually works with some explanation which I personally think it is a worth well visit.

Renselaer Polytechnic Institute
This document is John December’s Internet and Computer Mediated Communication List, a comprehensive and frequently updated guide by subject to many resources the internet has to offer. The guide provides an excellent starting point for internet exploration.

Big Dummy’s Guide to the internet
This book is the electronic Frontier Foundation’s great, updated book about all aspects of the internet; it’s free to everyone on the internet. To get a copy, anonymous ftp to
ftp://ftp.eff.org/, and in the directory pub/Net_info/Big_Dummy, get the file Big_Dummy.txt.

Dogpile is a unique meta-search engine that similar to Ixquick and Metacrawler. It crawls around the web cataloging and indexing search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Msn, Ask and etc that come across. It allows you to search a group of search engines at the same time. Although America Online (AOL) owns dogpile, anyone still can use it. It a reasonable alternative to Google.

Other Links
Google Scholar
Google Scholar is another free service for searching scholarly literature. It includes theses, books, journals, articles, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports. Indeed, some university library has an electronic subscription on it, which you may able to link to full text section by clicking on the particular article which you are interested. . In fact, some material is freely available in full text format.

Computer Literacy Bookstore
Cbooks is a specialty store for computer books, which it offers in great depth. Unlike most other online stores, it actually stocks almost everything in its catalog rather than get the books from wholesalers. If you really need something tomorrow, therefore you can
have it.